Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last summer, I snuck some cookies to the fella who built the fence around our yard in exchange for him suggesting to papa that we add a gate back behind the garage. He told papa it was so he could get out and get to the utility easement area if he needed to. But really, it was so I could bust the gate open without mama & papa noticing. See, the gate is hidden from view unless you are actually behind the garage.

After nearly a year of laying low & playing it cool, today I finally found the perfect opportunity to sneak out through the hidden gate (papa had just woken up, so he wasn't really perceptive enough to catch on). Oh what an adventure I had! I sniffed lots of neighbors' yards, I peed in lots of new spots, and then I heard papa calling me. So I decided to cross a busy street. And then I realized I was next to the forbidden railroad tracks! Of course, I had to go across the tracks to explore the other side. There wasn't much to see over there, so I decided to just walk on the tracks for a while. I really don't know why papa was freaking out so much. Something about a train coming. I got bored after a bit, so came back over to our side of the tracks. And then papa grabbed my collar and carried me home. Sigh. At least I got the chance to laugh at him in his slippers.

When I got back inside I realized that Mugsy was the one who tipped papa off to my adventure. While I was out exploring the world, Mugsy was standing in the back yard staring at me through the fence & looking all worried. So papa came outside & looked through the fence to see what he was looking at.

Moral of the story: best to wait until Mugsy is inside before I sneak out the back gate.


p.s. I think papa's on to my secret gate...I saw him screwing boards into it in an attempt to permanently close it. No fair!


  1. OMD Are you crazy? Sylvie!!!!!!
    I almost had a heartattack while mom read this to me. I bet your poor daddy's heart stopped several times during your 'adventure'.
    That was bad, Sylvie. BAD!
    P.S.: You're so brave by the way. I don't think I have guts to venture out like that...

  2. SYLVIE! For shame! You could has been hit by a car. You think cookies grows on railroad tracks? OMD I is sounding just like my mom. Sorrybye.

  3. OMC! Dat is not safes Sylvie and your daddy plus Mugsy were worried about you! But what an adventure, I bets you luvs sniffing all da areas by yourself.

  4. Glad you had a great adventure Sylvie! oh everyone seems to be getting upset, but come on, Sylvie, you are a smart cookie..you'd know to get out of the way if a car or train came along!!! *hugs* missed ya while you were gone...maybe next time, I can come adventure with you?