Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where's my spinach?!

Three weeks ago I helped mama, papa, and the boy kid plant a lovely row of spinach in the garden. Two weeks ago, we thinned it out so we'd have some nice lovely plants. This weekend, I went outside and to my horror discovered that all my lovely spinach was gone! Can you believe it?!?!
I have some theories about who might have eaten my spinach, but I need help. I've put together my top 5 suspects:
If you have reason to believe that one of these anipals is guilty, please vote & let me know:
p.s. a bitey on whoever ate my spinach.


  1. HMMMMM I am going to go out on a BIG LIMB here and say MAYBE Mugsy as I KNOW how he loves to play in the garden!! Well gates & fences anyways....he might have been Playing....couldnt get in for a cookie soooo he went into the garden!!!! That is MY STORY and I am sticking to it!!

  2. I has to says I finks its da ZackRabbit, MOL, hehehe but Mugsy could be behinds it too!


  3. hmmm. the rabbit is too obvious. i think Jed. why else does a bear need a motorbike? maybe he sell it on black market. sorry Jed, the game's up.

  4. o.O! Sylvie! Do you honestly believe that I would STEAL your spinach??...(quietly changing this week's show from spinach lasagna to herb bread...) *looking innocent*....heheheh...

  5. I hate to tells you this but it isn't any of them. I am almost positively for sure certain that it be that thievin' foster dog Jack. I saw him eating fresh spinach from mom's salad tonight. Gag me. But Jack loved it.

  6. BAH hahah Shawnee Blaming POOR Jack!! Just because he ATE the box its NO reason to blame him for the Spinach!!