Saturday, July 18, 2009

Caught in the act

Just sniffing...
Certainly not trying to escape...

Not me, not escaping...

What are you doing out here, Mama?! I'm just relaxing by the gate...

Sigh - who put that board there to block my escape gate?

No more fun for me.


  1. Shamie on you Sylvie! You gots a case of the wanderlust, huh? I hear you has grandma and grandpa visitin'. You don't want to miss out on them sneakin' you extra cookies, do ya?

  2. MedusaJ: MOL MOL love your wide eyed inncent look!

  3. hahaha!! you weren't trying to escape *shifty look* I mean, you were just...looking around, right? hahah!! you're so cute, Sylvie!!