Monday, June 8, 2009

Twitter anipal party prizes!

A few weeks back I went on a fabulous #weekendroadtrip with all my twitter anipals. My friends @flicka47 and @GD_Kenworth hosted the trip. We had fun tours of cities all across the world (I even provided an insider's glimpse of Chicago), we danced to great tunes from anipal DJs, I served up my famous barkaritas & niptinis, and we raised money for America's VetDogs. And along the way, we had some games and trivia contests to win prizes. I even managed to score a prize from @SamsonCatt who lives all the way over in Australia. And prize arrived!

Look how cute these Australian toys are!!!

Samson even included a sweet note. He said he knew Mugsy would try to steal my toy, so he sent one for him too. Wasn't that nice of Samson?

Hey! Get away from my toys, Mugsy!

HEY! I said get away from my toys!

Fine, you can have the yellow toy.

I'll just take the pink toy, thank you very much.
What the...


Thanks for the prize, Samson! We love our new toys.


p.s. I'm looking forward to another #pawpawty with all my twitter anipals this coming weekend, June 13-14. Check out @FrugalDougal's blog for more details:


  1. hahahaha!! Oh I love that.. Mugsy!! You really need to learn to share with Sylvie!!! Sylvie, you are very patient with Mugsy... hehehe...pawesome pics!

  2. You go Mugsy! Er, I mean, um, shame on you Mugsy taking your sisfurs toys like that...