Friday, April 17, 2009

We're celebrating Mugsy's birthday!

Today we had a pawty to celebrate Mugsy's 3rd birthday. We got a special delivery from Lainey's Pawtique:
Mama opened the box and found this inside:

Can you believe it?! A doggie birthday cake! Mama lit candles & we sang to Mugsy

Then Mugsy blew out the candles (papa had to help)

It was Mugsy's pawty, so he got the first bite

Then Mugsy licked frosting off his lips while I ate my piece of cake

It was such a delicious cake! Mugsy & I think there might be more hiding somewhere... Mama tried a bite of cake & said it was yummy, but she couldn't convince my boy kid to try dog cake (*snickering*)

Happy birthday, Mugsy! And yummy thanks to my twitter pal @LaineysPawtique for making such a delicious cake.



  1. Happy Birthday, Mugsy!!! The cake looks great!!! My sister send kisses!

    Lou & Pebbles

  2. Happy Birfday! Lainey's treats are da best! I can's wait till my birthday.


  3. This is my new favorite blog. I hope you update it a lot, Sylvie. And I hope you get more cookies.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUGSY!!! I hope you have3 a FABULOUS WEEKEND :0)

    How was Daddy's birthday? Share your cake HeHe

    Did mommy like the daddy tries all of OUR cookies too!

    XOXO Lainey XOXO