Monday, April 13, 2009

Mugsy's Ears: A case study in possession

The day my people brought Mugsy home, I thought he was a perfectly nice dog. He wasn't the smartest boy, but he was good at snuggling.

Then I started to notice something odd. With his ears. They seemed to move on their own.

I didn't think much of it at first. You know, maybe he was just too young to control his ears. But then they started looking stranger.

And stranger...

And then today I saw this.

The only possible explanation is that Mugsy's ears are possessed. Anyone out there know how to perform an exorcism?


  1. I think she is using them as aerofoils. Mugsy must be very smart indeed to master that.


  2. He's morphing into the Easter bunny!

  3. Mugsy is ADORABLE ears and ALL. His ears ae what make him soooo special :0) My ears also do strange things. JUST makes US SPECIAL

    Signed an anomusus puggle
    shhhh.....its lainey hehe

  4. Thanks for putting up all the pictures of my ears, Sylvie! What's possessed mean? Does it mean they're really cool? Cuz I think my ears are cool.

    I'm Mugsy.

  5. I love them! And he's gonna give us a magic ride!!! I want possessed ears too!!! *Woof*

  6. Yo nice blog. I linked to you as well in my "Links" section. Thanks!

  7. BOL! Those are some crazy ears! Nice to meet you Sylvie and Mugsy!! Great story of how you all came to be! :)

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi