Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alert! Raccoon! Alert!

I spent last weekend on #pussycatisland with my twitter pals. While there, I won a prize for knowing how old my pal @PetietheCat was when he found his forever home. It was so exciting! I've been waiting with anticipation for it's arrival. And today, it arrived!

Mama came home from work and found a box on our porch. She opened it and found a raccoon inside. Can you believe it?! A raccoon! For me! Being a treeing walker coonhound, I immediately tried to tree it. But it didn't listen to me.

Then Mugsy came over and stole it from me. The nerve!

I protested to mama

Mama tried to help, but Mugsy wouldn't let go.

You win this time, little dog.

Thanks for the prize, Petie! You're such a good pal.


p.s. Petie ordered this awesome prize from our pal @babypatches mama's store - @just4pets. They have lots of cool anipal stuff!


  1. Wow! racoon! I'm so happy for you Sylvie. Isn't @PetietheCat sweet?

    P.S: I knew Mugsy would steal it from you. heheh

    Lou & Pebbles

  2. WOW!! That's great Sylvie. Petie is the best

  3. Hai Sylvie, just slip Mugsy sum nip an you'll has dat raccoon in no time at all! Con-cats Sylvie, dats a kewl prize!!!

  4. You need some help with that there Mugsy, Sylvie? Say the word! *RUMBLE*

  5. Sylvie, you's such a lucky pup to get a raccoon from PetieTheCat. He and his mom knew just the right pawrize for you.

  6. Looks like you guys are having SO MUCH fun there :0) I wanna play to. I will bring my nobbly ball its LOTS of fun too :0)