Saturday, April 25, 2009

Toby's visit

It's been a very exciting weekend here - our pal Toby is spending a couple days with us!

Some of you may remember that I first met my mama when I was visiting Toby's house one weekend. If you don't remember, go back & read my story. Toby & I have been good pals for more than 8 years now. Sometimes he stays at my house, sometimes I stay at his house. But no matter where we are, I'm always the boss of him (*snickers*). I thought I'd share some highlights from our weekend so far.

Toby arrived, and we all sniffed each other

Toby showed us his cool tongue trick

We begged for cookies

Toby & Mugsy lounged

Toby displayed his "Mr. Flatagains" pose

I did my Toby impression

And then I fell asleep sitting up

It's been loads of fun so far!



  1. So far, your weekend has been far more exciting than mine...although reading your photo captions just perked things up here :)

  2. Toby seems like a very nice house guest indeed.

  3. sure looks fun weekend! I wish I had a old pal like that. 8 years! Toby looks really nice :)
    love the last dozing pic

    Lou & Pebbles

  4. AWWWWW what cuties...Mugsy (i see the ears were in full take off position)looks like a puppy!! and Sylvie looks like the momma.... I am glad everyone had a good time :0)