Thursday, April 16, 2009

#Pussycatisland twitter pawty!

Twitter anipals are gathering for another fun pawty this weekend! My pal RumblePurr made the following announcement via @BabyPatches:

The origin of #pussycatisland : my beloved brother @inigoflufflebum was trying to ship me off the other day ’cause I was chasing his tail. @BabyPatches was having the same problems with her brofur and sisfur… so we decided to take action and go to the amazing pussycat-island!

Details are: our lovely ship departs from it’s Twitter dock on Sunday at 10am New Zealand time (so that will be Saturday for most of you 3pm PST, 5pm CST, 6pm EST) We’ll hang out on the island and frolic in the sun till 8am (1pm PST, 3pm CST, 4pm EST) the next day so that everyone will have a chance to pawty! The amazing Hunkerbell (@Wildboutbirds) is also going to be running a ship as are the fantastic pups @scruffypebbles

What’s on the island: There will be lots of nip-based drinks, sun puddles, tuna fishies (but no eating @copious_tuna - he off limits) dancing and fun! For the doggies, there is a special Doggie Sandbar that will have steaks, rubber balls, Frisbees and dancing fun! For the bears, we have honey and for the bunnies we have carrots! We also has cheerios and brocolli for little gerbils. Everyone is welcome!

Fundraising on the island: @SylvieDog (that's me!) is running a fundraiser for one of the largest animal shelters in the country. Please donate to help her reach her goal, thank you! You can donate here:

What to wear: Island wear! @BabyPatches has a lovely look at the moment (as she always does… hubba hubba!)

What we need: Bartenders and DJ’s! If you’re interested in doing a shift, DM @rumblepurr and any other help is totally welcome! This will be a fun day for all! And we could always use more prizes! So let me know if you can donate.

Many thanks to: @Petiethecat and @just4pets (who happens to be Baby Patches momma) who has offered to donate some prizes, @Brewskiebutt and @BabyPatches for getting the word out via bloggy goodness, @PerrytheBirman for just being a cool cat in his island hat! And thank you to @SylvieDog who has volunteered to serve drinks at the pawty!

p.s. I'm studying up so I can make some fancy tropical drinks!


  1. Yay! We are goings to has a lot of fun this weekend at the pawty on #pussycatisland!! Thanks a lot for serving drinks Sylvie!

  2. These pictures are KILLING me...Sylvie reading Haha and the HOT BIKINI. Lainey has a bikini AND a hula skirt that came with a Lei!! I cant wait to attend and have some Island Fun!!! :0)

  3. LOVE it! Count me in- BOL


  4. Thanks for a fantastic party! As always I am impressed (and tipsy!)

  5. Sylvie, you are one cool dog & Mugsy looks like a nice brother to have.

    Thanks for sharing these pics, we howled with laughter as they look so familiar. You pups look like you have a lot of fun. Enjoy your Spring!

    Hoover Onslow (basset) & Trotter Bravo Oslo (golden ret.) :) :)