Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blankies: a research study

My anipals know that I LOVE cookies. But less well-known is my love of blankies. Three years ago I decided to begin a longitudinal study of blankies.

Blankie 1.1: can blankies be worn as hats? Answer: yes.
Blankie 2.1: can blankies bring extra cuddles from mama? Answer: yes

Blankie 3.1: can blankies cover two dogs at once? Answer: yes

Blankie 4.1: are blankies better in pairs? Answer: yes

Blankie 5.1a: can blankies keep my nose warm? Answer: more data needed

Blankie 5.1b: can blankies keep my nose warm? Answer: yes

Blankie 6.1: can blankies be rearranged to make a pillow? Answer: yes

After many hours of careful research, I have determined that blankies are comfortable.



  1. Oh that's adorable!!! I love to wrap my dogs in blankies too

  2. Nice! I'm running through all the 'footage' of all the blankie photos of my dogs I have in my head! I love this.

  3. Sylvie, if you choose to pursue this line of research further, perhaps you could evaluate the merits of different types of blankies based on size, weight, weave, material, etc. In the end, you might find the Perfect Blankie.

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  5. Now what would you do, Sylvie, if you had to chose between a cookie and a blankie?? *puzzled look* ...I guess grab the cookie and hide under a blankie? heheh.. probably.

  6. Wow you got lots of blankies Sylvie! Cookies and blankie... sounds like heaven. Too perfect! :o)