Wednesday, May 13, 2009


All my doggie pals on twitter are always talking about how great bully sticks are. Some even recorded videos of themselves eating them. After watching my pals's video, I put the full-court press on mama to order me a bully stick from my pal @BabyPatches mama, @Just4Pets who runs an awesome store. All my begging and demanding finally worked! And now I finally understand what all the hub-bub was about. Oh my dog...bully sticks are the greatest treat ever. EVER! Here is my photo essay devoted to one of my new favorite things.

Mama opened the envelope & Mugsy and I immediately started sniffing the air and getting excited. Mama made us sit patiently.

Then she gave us our treats

We got right to work chewing on them. I finished mine in 6 minutes. It took Mugsy 15 minutes.

I can't believe it took me 11 years to try a bully stick. This is the best chewy treat ever. Thanks so much, @BabyPatches & @Just4Pets!

p.s. I think Mugsy's bully stick must have been bigger than mine...look at him over there eating & eating & eating.


  1. OMC! Sylvie you is so CUTE wif dat bully stick! And Mugsy too! Your momma sure did gets a good picture of you eating it!

    Thanks for the pawsome post and I is very happy dat you both likes those Bully Sticks!

  2. Oh Sylvie! You and Mugsy look soo happy eating your treats!! I love the picture your Mama got of your chewing on your treat - you look like that happiest dog in the world! =:3

  3. 6 minutes!!! that's one whole minute faster than me!!!
    But I'm happy you guys got to try it. I knew you'd love it!



    Pruett and Daphne

  5. Chloe & Lainey & Sylvie & Mugsy should have a contest!!

    I gave you an award you just have to go to my page to pick it up! XO