Sunday, May 3, 2009

#SecretPaws gift exchange

My pal @RadarDog organized a #secretpaws gift exchange for twittering anipals via It sounded like great fun to me, so I signed up right away! And yesterday, I received this fancy package via Royal Mail. Royal!

I tore it open and found a sweet card from my buddy @Timmy_Dog (it even had a nose kiss from him!).

After I read the card, I started shuffling through the packing peanuts to pull out all my fabulous gifts. Check them out! @Timmy_Dog even sent something for my brother Mugsy (so sweet).

I was very excited to see all the toys. And I was intrigued to see something all my twitter doggie pals are always talking about...greenies! I had never tried one, and it was ever so delicious. Mugsy loved it too (and got all drooly).

After we ate our greenies, Mugsy started eyeing my toys.

And then all of a sudden, he grabbed one!

Then we inspected all the toys and played with them.

Thanks so much for the awesome gifts, @Timmy_Dog! And thanks again to @RadarDog for organizing the #secretpaws gift exchange. Twitter anipals are the greatest!


p.s. Mugsy says the minty bone is his favorite


  1. Yay! That looks so exciting to have a whole box of surprises! Nom nom nom!

  2. Aww, that is just the best! I love sending and receiving snail mail!

  3. Wow pawsome! How sweet of Timmy!!!
    Look at Mugsy drool. heheh
    I'd gone after the hedgehog too!

  4. I love your little story and the pictures are fab! Im so glad you both enjoy the gifts, I've enjoyed giving them. x x