Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No thank you, PooTrap

I am adding this to my list of products I do not wish to test, review, or own at any time in my life. This question & response from the FAQ is particularly nice:

Can owner use the "PooTrap" always when walking their dog out?

When dog is having diarrhea, or if the owner just don't feel like taking the "PooTrap" off the dog, feel free to keep the "PooTrap" on the dog.




  1. All my life I has never poo'd anywhere but my own yard - for real - no poop bags needed when I go for walkies. I will holds it until I gets home, thank you. All that just because I knowed that someday peeples would comes up with this silly thing and I would has no worries about it being used on me.

  2. What a ridiculous contraption! I hope they don't plan on buying you this droopy diaper, Sylvie!