Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a celebration!

On Saturday, August 1st, I turned 12 years old. Now I'm almost a teenager! My family threw a little party in honor of my big day. And some of my twitter anipals sent me some lovely cards, birthday wishes, and presents.

That's my birthday cake there - isn't it pretty? I mean, of course it is. My picture is on it. It was a special treat from my pal @LaineysPawtique (baker of my very favorite cookies). Here's a look at the rest of my birthday celebration.

My haul of presents! Thanks @LaineysPawtique, @Fergusthedog & @CosmoHavanese!

Someone sure knows me well...check out these barkarita cookies. YUM!

And these look like lovely Ultra Cosmopolitans & Niptinis

These cookies have my name all over them. Seriously. My name is on them.

Look at these cute cards from my pals

After we opened presents, it was time to eat cake. The boy kid blew out the candle for me.

I kept an eye on papa while he sliced my cake. Those slices look a little small...

Mmmmm...ice cream cookies to go with my cake!

HEY! My plate is empty! Papa forgot to give me any cake or cookies *wiping crumbs from mouth*

More presents! Mugsy is very, very excited.

I tried my best to get the toy before Mugsy...and failed.

I had a fabulous birthday. Thanks to all my pals for the birthday wishes!


  1. Happy Birfday, Sylvie! Wow, all those cookies and cakes you gotted! You must has been so happy. Nice table surfin' at your age, too. That Mugsy keeps you young, doesn't he?

  2. AWWW i am soooo glad you enjoyed yourself!! isnt it NICE to be SO LOVED!!!

  3. Hi! Lainey sent us over. Glad your mama is cancer free! How exciting. The cake looks fab. I ordered one too, but not until next week. Looks like a great time was had by all.

  4. Oh Sylvie! Sorry I missed your birthday! Sounds like you had a blast tho!! Sendin you a very happy belated birthday wish - "May every day be filled with cookies!!"