Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pawpawty presents!

Hiya pals!  Many of you know that I like to offer my services as late-night quizmaster during #pawpawty events so @FrugalDougal can get some sleep.  The prizes I get to give away are always so fabulous that sometimes I wish I could answer my own quizmaster questions. :)  But I'm always happy to lend a paw and help raise $ for anipal charities.

I was so very surprised to receive a special package via Royal Mail this week:

Hey...I recognize that little dog! It's Dougal!

Oh my dogs! TOYS!

We hit the jackpot!

This toy has LONG legs

Oh no! The legs are attacking me!

Mugsy to the rescue

Oooo...this is a cool green ball.

*sigh* Mugsy stole it

All the great presents came with a note from my pal Dougal - he said he wanted to send me something to thank me for quizmastering.  What a sweet doggie he is!  Thanks for all the pawsome presents, Dougal!  You sure are a good pal. :)

-SylvieDog (and Mugsy too!)


  1. Wot kewl toys you gotted from Dougal! I has never seen such long legs on a toy afore. That looks like funs (if'n Mugsy lets you has them back).

  2. wowza!!!! look at those pawsome toys!!! *envious woof* FD sure knows how to pick great toys. yup! I'm soooo doing quizmaster... BOL

  3. Whoa! That's A LOT of new toys! Lucky doggies. FD is awesome for sending you all these!

  4. Those looks likes pawsome toys! Concats to you and Mugsy! FD rocks!